Datt Pharmachem offers a wide spectrum of services in chemical research & organic synthesis. We are equipped to handle complex chemistry. Our team is expert in handling multistage synthesis. We offer solutions from process scouting, optimization of process to product development. We are equipped to help in carrying out the QBD studies.

  • FTE Based Process Research
  • FTE Based QBD studies
  • Route Scouting and Development
  • Process validation & Deviation Studies


We offer custom synthesis from Lab to Commercial scale. We also provide complete solution from Retro synthesis of desired product to definite chemistry for synthesis. We cater on FTE as well as gross cost model. Confidentiality of your data is our foremost Moral Principle.


Impurity synthesis & identification is one of our major activities. Our team is equipped with in depth knowledge & understanding of impurity synthesis. We also undertake custom synthesis orders for synthesis impurities in gram levels.


Datt Pharmachem extends services in providing – Comprehensive Synthesis, Analytical & Marketing  services for Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals ,Biotechnology  and Agrochemicals  , Cosmetics ,Paints , Home Care , Food Industries.

Our team has the ability to identify emerging and innovative opportunities and invest into those areas to achieve leadership position. A unique business model in Industry by providing innovative solution to our customers from R&D to Distribution by partnering with the best.

  • Target Discovery – Molecule Design
  • Library Synthesis – Lead Optimization
  • Biological Evaluation – Route Synthesis
  • Kilo Lab Studies – Pilot Plant Trials
  • Basic Engineering – Process Optimization
  • Detailed Engineering – Plant Design
  • HAZOP & ZLD – Bulk Manufacturing
  • Analytical Development – Process Development
  • GLP Physical – Chemical Testing & Compliance
  • Packing & Certification – Logistics & Documentation
  • Finance & Strategy – International Marketing
  • Systems Improvement – Turn around strategy
  • Waste Management – Effluent to product solution
  • Business Development – Global Spread

Through our basket of solutions and services we endeavor to cater to diverse industry verticals while continuously innovating to expand our portfolio and industry reach in –

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Chiral Synthesis
  • Cosmetics
  • Food Industry
  • Innovative Waste Management
  • Effluent Solutions
  • Catalyst Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry